Building Information Modelling

TGA Consulting Engineers LLP have invested significantly in the development of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and are at the forefront of MEP design.

The internal processes put in place by TGA since adopting a BIM approach to projects is fully in accordance with PAS1192 and accreditation has been received to Level 2.

Accreditation has been gained following a 4 stage process, with all aspects of TGA’s systems and processes being developed, reviewed and updated to suit the rigorous requirements. Backed by UKAS (UK Accreditation Service) the accreditation to Level 2 has been implemented throughout the business, with TGA’s internal QMS being adapted to align with the ‘BIM approach’.

Ongoing internal development and an ever growing portfolio of BIM projects, ensure that TGA are constantly improving and moving forward in the world of BIM.

Recent and ongoing experience includes a number of interesting and challenging projects, see below for an overview of projects.

Sunderland Emergency Department
Duties : MEP Design & Coordination
Software : Revit 2015
Team : P&HS Architects
Value : £12m (M&E)


TRW Automotive (New Build)
Duties : BIM Lead / MEP Design
BIM Requirements : Level 2
Software: Revit 2014, Naviswork Manager
Team : Napper Architects, Turner & Townsend
Value : £4m (Construction)

South Durham UTC
Duties : MEP Design
Software : Revit 2015
Team : Ryder Architects
Value : £6m (Construction)


Cleveland Fire Headquarters
Duties: BIM Design
BIM Requirements: Level 2
Software: Revit 2015
Team: Bond Bryan Architects
Value  £1.5m (M&E)



Cleveland Fire Headquarters Technical Hub
Duties: MEP Design
BIM Requirements: Level 1
Software: Revit 2015
Team: Bond Bryan Architects
Value £0.5m (M&E)



Brunel University Wilfred Brown Building
Duties: MEP Design
BIM Requirements:Level 2
Software: Revit 2015
Team: Shepherd Robson Architects

Darlington Growth Hub
Duties: MEP Design
BIM Requirements:Level 2
Software: Revit 2014
Value £0.5m (M&E)



Dudley House
Duties: MEP Design & C0-ordination
Software: Revit 2015
Team: Willmott Dixon, CGL Architects and Structa LLP C&S
Value: £9m (M&E)


Jason Jobes, TGA Director & BIM Leader

“Differentiation between 3D design / coordination and BIM is crucial for understanding project requirements and commitments.
The use of Revit or other 3D design software applications in itself is not BIM, BIM is the process, the software is simply the tool!”

“Ultimately, BIM is about digital collaboration between the Client, Design and Construction Teams.”


Graeme Carr, TGA Director

“This is not something that can be totally covered here, however, it can be said that the art of coordination, design collaboration and simply working together to achieve a common goal had all but disappeared. We hope that BIM brings this back, although in a different form, for the betterment of our industry”

Matthew Cole, Principal Engineer

“In addition to the benefits brought about by effective communication during the design stage, efficiencies can be achieved by using the model for design, including calculation and analysis.”

Stephen Weddle, TGA BIM Co-ordinator

“TGA are constantly learning and developing their BIM understanding through investment in technology software and also, skilled resources.”